Gourmet Natural

Restaurant - Gourmet Natural

In 2018 Gourmet Natural launched a brand new menu featuring those excellent steaks and also a great choice of modern, mediterranean dishes featuring fish, lamb and chicken, as well as creative vegetarian options. The flavours are fresh and delicious, with some innovative combinations that are as delicous as they are surprising. The ambience is utterly relaxing with diners encouraged to linger over their meals to savour both the food and the setting.

The grounds are stunning, as is the building itself. The South American wall motifs and decorative touches fit perfectly within the walls and courtyard of a traditional Algarve villa. The wide gateway leads you round the central fountain and onto the deck, surrounded by banana palms, pine trees, & leggy tropical palms. You immediately relax into the spirit of the restaurant. Cocktail in hand, you have nothing more arduous to do than choose your favorite dish and enjoy every mouthful.

An important focus of the Gourmet Natural menu is top quality natural Uruguayan beef, grilled, not over charcoal, but fresh firewood. All the meat has 100% traceability and comes from free range Angus and Hereford grass-fed cattle. The resulting beef has low fat levels, high levels of omega 3 and vitamin E. The special grill, the Parilla, was made to the Uruguayan chefs’ specifications and stands to one side of the courtyard. Just watching the chefs expertly juggle the meat and flames is an entertainment. They are very proud of the steaks they serve – it is unpretentious and straightforward but of superior quality. Naturally gourmet.