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Transfer Fleet

VDL introduced s number of Luxury Mercedes 7 seater vehicles to provide executive transfers from Faro airport to resort and have also now extended to smaller 4 seater Mercedes to assist with pre-arranged bookings for dinners and evenings meals where a hire car is not booked or should you require an evening driving free.


The T-ROC has landed

We looked for a car slightly larger than our Renault Capturs and found the VW T-ROC really fitted the bill and has been widely accepted by our customers. Some have told us they have bought one when they returned home!

New for 2018 Range Rover Velar

We have extended our Luxury range with a number of Range Rover Velars, if you are looking for a spacious prestige car then look no further, the Velar has it all.

Automatic Ford Fiestas for 2018

VDL introduced a number of automatic Ford Fiestas to the fleet this year and the response from customers have been very good, we aim to add more to the fleet shortly.

VDL Car Hire has just purchased another batch of VW Polos because we know they are your favourite small car to drive whilst in the Algarve, nippy, easy to park and look smart. We have also added more Estates, this time For Focus SW estates, with both a manual and automatic option.

New vehicle deliveries for 2016

We know you love new vehicles which is why we have removed some of last years cars and replaced them with brand spanking new ones, New Polos, Capturs, Megane estates (manual and automatic) and Clio estates, please book early to secure your vehicle as we are getting extremely busy due to our fleet and exemplary service.

VDL Car Hire has become the New Approved Car Hire partner for the Four Seasons Fairways and the Country Club.

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Get ready to ROC with VDL this summer

VDL will launch it’s new range of VW T-ROC SUV’s. You want a car that’s as confident as you are, that challenges the status quo, leading the pack and refuses to follow. An SUV with bold, striking design baked into every angle and line. With all the advanced technological features you need to feel like you rule the road. Look no further!

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